Preapared For Life

This title is actually the current slogan of the Boy Scouts of America, but it is also fits into the same theme as my earlier post this week.

This week, I have become quite proud of who I am. As they say, “Once and Eagle, always and Eagle”. Well, a study came out earlier this week from Baylor University study, called Eagle Scouts: Merit Beyond the Badge. I have listed some of the results of the study, but I don’t want to leave out any part of it.  So here here is the link to the rest of the results of the study:

I really have to thank the Scouting organization for what they have done for our world. They are training the next generation of leaders. I was in a meeting just a few weeks ago with a few other scouts from across the state. We all represented different geographic divisions, known as lodges, of the National Honor Society of Scouting called the Order of the Arrow. Our goal was to come together as one new lodge. It was not our choice that we wanted to merge, but it was our duty. I kind of wish congress would take a lesson from the Boy Scouts, because we had to learn to compromise on our feet. Not compromising was simply not an option. We all had our own way of doing things, but by the end of the day, we all rallied behind one cause. That cause was the higher purpose of Scouting.


The findings of this study are very reassuring to me. Now I have evidence that we really have been making a difference.  Eagle Scouts are 73 percent more likely than non-Scouts to have voted in the last presidential election. Compared to Scouts, Eagle Scouts are about 53 percent more likely. Moreover, Eagle Scouts are around 76 percent more likely than non-Scouts to have held leadership positions in the local community.

Further, Eagle Scouts are 40 percent more likely to believe it is extremelyimportant to learn something every day, compared to those men who never participated in Boy Scouts. 81 percent are more likely to have a achieved a spiritual goal in the past year.

And this one is possibly my favorite: Eagle Scouts are 88 percent more likely than others  to agree they work hard to get ahead. I think this fact really sums up what this organization has done for society.

So maybe I am just posting this to make me feel good, but I think it is pretty awesome how much my brother

scouts have impacted our world. And maybe now you will realize why I spend so much time and energy helping our next generation be just as awesome!

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